You Can Be a DIY Weekend Warrior!

We’re all super busy these days, but that shouldn’t mean ignoring your largest asset: your home! With just a little sweat equity and weekend or two, you could really pack a punch at your house. Do-It-Yourself projects are a great way to freshen up your property and save some money at the same time. As a bonus you may even add some value to your home through these simple projects.

Here are a few that you could easily knockout over a weekend:

Closet Organization– Time to get organized! Have a bunch of clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time? All those random odds and ends making you scared to open the closet door? Don’t worry! Spend time purging the items that you don’t need anymore and then install a combination of shelving, hooks, and/or roll out pieces. Closet organization systems are easily available at your local home improvement store or online and can range in price depending on how elaborate of a set up that you want to create.

Curb Appeal– This can be as simple or complex as you make it. Easy weekend projects would be freshening up the front door with either a brand new door or painting the existing one. Add fresh pine straw or mulch to your flower beds, and while you’re at it plant some new flowers and shrubs. Lastly, make sure your mailbox doesn’t look like an afterthought. It’s a cheap project that can make a big impact.

Paint– While we know this is not most people’s favorite task, it can have a HUGE impact on your home. It’s usually pretty inexpensive  to paint a room or two, and can be the most noticeable of all projects. Not only will new paint be pleasing to the eyes, it can also give your home’s natural smell a boost, making things feel overall fresher. Try to stick to neutral colors for your best results and save those bright pops of color for the accessories

Hardware– Swapping out hardware can be a great way to update a space. New doorknobs, drawer/cabinet pulls, light switch covers, etc. can really brighten a room! Many people overlook these small details, not realizing how they can really pull a space together. It’s a relatively inexpensive update and all you’ll need is your handy drill or screwdriver!

Lighting– No, I’m not talking about that lamp on your living room end table. I mean the built-in fixtures in your dining room, entryway, bathroom, etc. You can go inexpensive to high-end depending on your preference. This is also your chance to add a little bit of your own personal style  (just don’t go too crazy). While the “electrical” side of this may seem intimidating, it’s actually pretty simple and can be accomplished by simply watching a few instructional videos online.

Still not sure that you’re ready to take on a weekend warrior project at your home? That’s okay! The Peters Company has an extensive list of vendors that can help you with these projects! Looking for a home to put your personal touches on? We’d love to help with that too! Give us a call today!

Written by Heather Thomas, Service Support Specialist

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