Working from home :: Setting up your days for success

A lot of people have suddenly had to adapt to working from home for the first time, and it’s not always an easy transition. But with some of these tips, it can become easier and productivity can actually increase!


  1. Get dressed up – While it’s tempting to stay in pajamas all day, sometimes that extra step of changing into professional clothes, styling hair, applying makeup, etc. can trigger more productivity.
  2. Set up a dedicated space – Having a quiet space, away from distractions such as the TV is key. Make sure your space is quiet, well-lit and has comfy seating. You can add personal touches such as picture frames and calendars to make it an appealing space to stay in.
  3. Make a list with a schedule – You’re the only one holding yourself accountable, so to stay on track, make a list with a schedule in the morning. Time blocking can also help. Be sure to schedule in lunch and a few small breaks throughout the day!
  4. Eat at specific times – When the pantry/refrigerator is in the next room, it can be tempting to eat a million snacks, and that can make your energy plummet. Be sure to schedule time for breakfast, lunch and a snack, and plan healthy choices to keep your mind sharp!
  5. Exercise – Because you won’t have to drive anywhere to get lunch, take the opportunity to use the extra time to get outside and walk. Sunshine and exercise can re-energize you and get you through the afternoon with more energy. Get that heart pumping and your blood circulating!
  6. Take online classes – Take advantage of the many free resources online to stay up to date with the latest technology. So many resources are available these days online to take the place of in-person training.
  7. Stay connected – When you work from home, sometimes you can feel more isolated as there is no proverbial water cooler. So you can make your own virtual water cooler from home. Text and video conference with your co-workers often to keep that connection up. Zoom is a great tool for staying in touch! Just because you’re not in an office doesn’t mean you can’t keep collaborating & connecting!


Here at The Peters Company, we are adapting to the times and practicing social distancing, and are ALWAYS available to help you if you’re interested in buying or selling your home!

Written by Stephanie Warner

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