Team SuccessLesley and I have been at this real estate thing for about ten years now, and we’ve learned a lot through surviving the worst real estate down turn since the great depression, watching the lending meltdown, and now more recently experiencing the high times created by a resurgent market. The most important lesson we have learned is the value of people, both as clients and as team members.

First and foremost, our clients mean the world to us, and we will service them at a world class level no matter the cost. As the team grew we realized there was no way for us to serve those same clients the way we always did, which facilitated the need to hire like minded individuals who believed in us and our business. Admittedly we were reluctant at first to give any of the reins to someone else. After all, they aren’t us. “How could they possibly do it as well as we could” was our foolish thought process. What we learned was that not only could they do it as well as we could, but they did it better than we did. On top of that, it freed us up to do whatever it was that we were doing at that time at a higher level, which in turn provided more specialized focus, better results, and of course, better service. As the team has grown, we’ve evolved and specialized further. I laugh when I’m meeting with clients for the first time because you actually get our entire team of eight people when you hire anyone on our team on the buy side or the list side. It’s a very nice return on investment!

We’ve broken the real estate buying and selling process to a little less than 100 activities. The reality is that those 100 activities require totally different personalities, skills and talents to master. It’s impossible for one person to possess all these skills and talents to perform them at the highest level much less have the time to do them in an efficient manor while maintaining a high level of service. The word “mastery” is a common term on our team. You can be good at something, and you can sometimes get lucky and experience success in the short run. But, what does it mean to master something and what does that create? At the Peters Company, mastery has created an environment where we all lean on each other and trust that the next person can do it better than the other. It’s a team effort in its truest form that makes us unique as each member is pushing one another, climbing the ladder towards mastery. This creates consistencies that cannot be achieved by one person alone and constantly pushes the envelope of what “great” looks like. The winner is you.

The Peters Company is the second highest grossing volume team within Keller Williams Realty in the Metro Atlanta area and the state of Georgia for 2015 YTD. We want to put the power of TEAM to work for you. We want to help you and all those you know with anything related to real estate. Call us today at 404-419-3619 or visit us on the web at

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