When Downsizing Takes On a Whole New Meaning :: “Tiny” Homes

We’ve all seen them – on HGTV, on Pinterest, riding on the highway… we’re talking about tiny homes!  On April 14th, the Atlanta MicroLife Institute hosted a “micro home tour” that showcased eight Atlanta tiny homes located in the Inman Park, Old Fourth Ward, Cabbagetown, and Reynoldstown neighborhoods.  It should be noted that these tiny homes were all ADUs (accessory dwelling units), a secondary housing unit located on a single family residentially-zoned lot.  HERE is more information about ADUs.

The tour was a 6.7-mile route through tree-lined streets and took about 2 hours via car.  A fun guided bicycle tour option was offered as well.  Each tiny home featured one bedroom and a full bathroom, and most offered a living space and kitchen or kitchenette.  Amazingly, two of eight homes contained a fireplace!  Some spaces were located above garages, some were on foundations, and some were converted outbuildings.  The hallmark of any tiny home is, of course, the creative use of space.  The homes had Murphy beds, chairs hanging as wall art, vaulted ceilings with bicycle storage, rolltop garage doors, fold-down dining tables, and extra-tall or deep cabinets.  Many homeowners were present at each stop on the tour and were a wealth of tiny home and space-saving knowledge!

Are you interested in learning more about Atlanta tiny homes?  We suggest renting one for a weekend staycation to make sure it’s the right fit.  If the tiny lifestyle is calling your name, be sure to reach out to The Peters Company to ask one of our incredible Buyer Specialists for help locating your ideal property!

Fast tiny home facts:

  • They’re not just for Millennials.In fact, many homeowners of all ages are building or converting buildings into ADUs as supplemental income!  Many of the tiny homes on the tour brought in $1,800+ per month in rental income for the homeowners.
  • The Atlanta area is jumping on the tiny house bandwagon.The East Point Eco Cottages are in an early phase of development, found out more HERE.  The Shire at Mountaintown community in Ellijay is well underway, with some homes already constructed and selling!  Find out more about Shire HERE.
  • Living tiny certainly has its limitations, but the absence of a mortgage allows a homeowner to live a much “bigger” life!
  • Not all zoning laws are created equally – be sure to check with local authorities and submit building plans to your town’s building and zoning departments to ensure you are in compliance with local regulations.


Written by Christina Rotolo, Listing Coordinator, The Peters Company

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