What’s Your Number?…and Introducing The Peters Company Off Market Database

Number with question markEverybody has a number that would effectively make them move, right? Even if you hadn’t planned to move, maybe, just maybe, you would consider it if you could get that number.

Zillow has even caught on to this strategy and has created a feature on their site where homeowners can share their number, but most people who would consider it don’t want it all out there for everybody and their brother to see on the internet. It’s a bit of a privacy discussion if nothing else about your personal finances. I think Zillow has the right idea, but it’s a little too voyeuristic for me. I meet with sellers all the time that say, “If I could just get THIS number.” They are generally surprised when I tell them I think we can get more than that.

We’re not used to seeing these kind of values. Most sellers have never seen their home worth as much as it’s worth right this minute. Because of that, we’ve created a database of would-be sellers who would move if the right opportunity presented itself. Generally the right opportunity means that you’re not only getting the price you want but that you are also given ample time to find your next home before you have to move out and close on your current home. I find that to be the most paralyzing emotion that passes through the mind of today’s seller, thinking “Where am I gonna go?” Let us worry about that. We have some great strategies for finding our clients’ homes, and we are facilitating back to back moves for clients every month.

Right now I just want to know WHAT IS YOUR NUMBER?

There’s always a possibility that your next home is already on our list! I track a pipeline of The Peters Company’s upcoming listings over the next 90 days, which is currently at 13+ homes by the way and increasing weekly, as well as a running list of quiet listings that will remain off market for now. This is a tremendous resource for anyone looking for properties. Maybe that’s you or a family member or your co-worker.

The Peters Company wants to be your go-to resource for your move today or your move someday, and the best way to do that is to identify what number gets you excited about moving. This isn’t something that I’m going to blast all over the internet like a new listing that hits the market. It’s 100% confidential and a select group. Your privacy is important to us. So help us out! Let me know what’s your number today. Text me at (770) 634-2782 and I will add your confidential number to my database. You never know what kind of opportunities are out there!

Written by Andy Peters

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