What are Atlanta's Best Schools?

What are Atlanta’s Best Schools? If I had a nickel for the number of times we get that question, I’d be one rich woman! And, you know what… It’s one of my favorite questions!

After graduating from Furman University with a degree in business, I decided I wanted to go back and get my Masters in Early Childhood Education and follow in the footsteps of all the teachers in my family. Turns out, I loved teaching but my real calling was real estate! Andy still fusses about all that money spent on that Masters degree that I don’t use. 😉 But, guess what? I do use it! And, not just with my own children! If anyone on our team or clients have questions regarding schools and districts, I’m the go-to gal!

Atlanta is full of WONDERFUL schools – public and private alike! It all depends on what you want for your children and that’s an inside job! What I can tell you, though, is that I’ve become really good at my recall of school names, scores, and rankings all over the city. We get calls from clients all the time ready to move into that perfect school district! The problem is that many times the cart gets put before the horse!

If you are looking to move into the best school district for your child, my recommendation is to follow a process:

1)   Use SchoolDigger.com and GreatSchools.net to research schools in your desired area. Both websites provide a wealth of information on test scores and parent opinions that should help you narrow your search.

Just remember, though, you can’t always judge a book by its cover!

So, step 2 is a must! Move right along…

2)   Tour a couple of the schools you found to be good matches from your internet research! Be prepared to ask lots of questions… Average class sizes for each grade, amount of parent involvement required/encouraged, gifted programs, second language offerings, extra-curricular activity offerings, music class offerings, art class, recess time, lunch policies, and most importantly ask if redistricting has been brought up in the past couple of years? As you’re touring the school, imagine your child being there! And, look for other parents. Parent involvement is so important in schools! If you see parents bustling about in the library, supply room, and classrooms, it’s a fabulous sign!

Tour goes well, move right along to Step 3!

3)   Call parents of current students. Talk with them about any concerns or questions that were brought up or didn’t get answered on the tour! They are such a great resource! Most schools are happy to share their PTO members names with prospective families. And, hey… remember! I love to talk schools! So, call me. I can probably think of a few families to connect you with as well!

So, now you have found the perfect neighborhood school for your child! Next step is to call The Peters Company and let the House Hunt begin! 404-419-3619

Written by Lesley Peters, Managing Agent at The Peters Company

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