Weekend Adventures Close to Home!

Dorothy had it right when she said “There’s No Place Like Home”, but it’s also nice to get away from it all every once in a while. Atlanta is a great location because you can head in any given direction and have a quick weekend getaway. Here are my top 3 weekend getaway ideas that are an easy drive from Atlanta:


  1. Nashville, TN :: 3 1/2 hours 

Nashville is one of the friendliest Southern cities around. Of course Nashville is known best for it’s music scene and you can pop in and out of places all along Music Row seeing some of the best live music anywhere in the country. And a first-timer HAS to visit the Grand Ole’ Opry to check that off the list, but there are tons of other things to do and see in this vibrant city. The food scene is emerging as one of the top in the nation with top chefs opening up new places left and right. But don’t leave without trying out the signature Nashville Hot Chicken!


  1. Asheville, NC :: 3 1/2 hours  

Unlike some of it’s Southern counterparts, Asheville has a diverse and eclectic vibe. Individualism is appreciated and is apparent at some of the quirky shops and attractions. The Pinball Museum is a fun place to check out with the family. There are tons of great restaurants & breweries around every corner. Just a short drive from downtown is Chimney Rock State Park with rock walls, hiking trails and the most beautiful views of the North Carolina mountains.


  1. Tybee Island, GA :: 4 hours

I almost feel bad giving away this Georgia coastal hidden gem!! Tybee Island is very much quiet and laid back with no pretentiousness in sight. There’s an abundance of affordable beach rentals here, making it accessible for every budget. There are lots of great places to eat fresh seafood and overlook the gorgeous beach. It’s also only a 20 minute drive into Savannah, so you can turn it into a beach/city combination getaway!


What are your favorite weekend getaways from Atlanta? Tell us in the comments. And once you’re ready to click your heels and find your forever home, visit the team at thepeterscompany.com. We will find a place you’ll always love coming home to!


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