Using a Real Estate TEAM vs. a Real Estate Agent

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 3.02.00 PMLast summer, my parents listed their home with a real estate agent. She was a friend of the family, so despite the fact that I worked for uhhhh, The #1 KW Team in Georgia, I didn’t say anything. But when I looked at their listing online, I saw the pictures and there was a horrible glare in some, some were dark, extra stuff was left on the kitchen counters, and several personal items that should have been put away for the best showing of their home were in plain view all over the house. I still didn’t say anything. I asked them if they were having an open house and they said “not that we know of.” I still didn’t say anything. But when they started asking me if it’s normal that they haven’t had any showings in 10 days I said, “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”

Now, just to let you know, their house wasn’t just an average home. It was one of the nicest homes in the neighborhood, with a lake view, rocking chair front porch, a fully finished 3 bedroom rentable basement, AND it was in the most popular subdivision in their area. They finally got an offer, but they were already frustrated, and the offer was also not anything to write home about, so they took it off the market.

Fast forward to this year, and they realized they really wanted to downsize and I told them, “THE TIME TO SELL IS NOW!” I told them this time they need to use The Peters Company. BIGGEST REASON – they will have an ENTIRE TEAM dedicated to the sale of their home:

1. A Listing Specialist to make sure that the property is properly priced (meaning – they WILL have showings)

2. A Listing Coordinator (to plan the professional photography and staging as well as answer any questions)

3. A Closing Coordinator to make sure that all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed with the paperwork

4. A Marketing Director to make sure the home is marketed properly using all the latest channels

5. A team of agents who can hold an open house!

Convinced we could provide a better experience, they decided to use The Peters Company. Five days later, their home was under contract with a full price offer (listed at $20k higher than before), and there wasn’t a single snag from start to finish. They were so impressed with the difference, they couldn’t believe it – and they said our customer service was the best they’d ever had in the 15 homes they’ve bought and sold over the last 45 years.

If you are looking to sell your home, regardless of whether you know a realtor or not, don’t sell yourself or your home short! You deserve an ENTIRE TEAM to handle the sale of your most valuable asset, to ensure you have the best experience and get the highest price possible. Call The Peters Company today – you will be SO GLAD you did! 678-921-1470!

Written by Kimber Bond, Marketing Director, The Peters Company

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