Tips for hosting a Housewarming Parrrtaay

You did it. You finally made your dream home…YOURS! Now that the boxes are gone (or at least hidden in the closet), the last plates are away, and that long lost toy is found, YOU can now celebrate. And celebrate you must, with a Housewarming Paaarrtayy! Here are some helpful tips to throw the perfect party to show off your new home!

  • Pick a date – Choose your party type and time! Will it be a casual shin dig, a daytime drop-in where guests come and go? Or something more elaborate, like a fancy dinner party? If you’re extra ambitious, you might even want to choose a theme. (“80’s Flashback” anyone? or Did I mention “Stock the Bar”?)
  • Design the invite – Evite is the simplest and go to invitation nowadays, but you may not have your new neighbor’s e-mails, so for those guests opt to create something simple to drop by one afternoon. It will allow you a chance to introduce yourself as well as invite them to the party! Be sure to include a “RSVP” date, so you know how much prep you’ll have to do! We also recommend giving all guests at least 3 weeks’ notice!
  • Finalize the menu – the type of party will dictate your menu, but finger foods are a must! Simple appetizers like skewers or party trays are great to offer while people are arriving and are easy for guests to carry while moving from room to room. And don’t forget the beverage station, stock it with a variety of choices, so there is something for everyone!
  • Atmosphere – Make sure to light the candles or plug in the wax warmers, but don’t get too carried away, make it a subtle scent. Put together a playlist or let Alexa play the tunes, but keep it energetic and fun!!!
  • Tours – everyone will want to see the home and how you’ve made it your own. Highlight something from each room, the stone fireplace, what about those kitchen countertops, or the added sitting room in the master, pick some of your favorites and make sure to mention them as you go throughout the home.
  • HAVE FUN…now that you have those dearest to you in your home, share the experience and enjoy your time with them! This is the first of many celebrations to come!!!

Whether you are celebrating your first, second, or fifth home, The Peters Company wants to celebrate with you! We are here for all of your real estate needs! Let us help you find, buy, and enjoy your next home for years to come!

Written by Kalen Vanderhorst, Northeast Georgia Specialist, The Peters Company

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