Tips for Packing Up Your Whole Home

Need to Pack and Don’t Know Where to Start? Start Here!


Once you have bought or sold your home, it is time to box everything up and move! Packing to move can be so overwhelming, especially when you have a full house, a family, and a job, so here are some of our tips and tricks to simplify the packing process!


Start by decluttering all around the house!

There’s no need to pack things that you don’t use or need anymore! That’ll only take up more space and time. Only keep what you use, and give away or donate what you don’t use!


Pack seasonal clothes and items first

Packing items that aren’t in season is easy because you aren’t wearing or utilizing them! You won’t have to think about if you’ll need these things before moving. By packing all of this first, you’ll feel like you’ve gotten a lot done!


Pack a separate “must have” box

Pack a box with everything that you’ll need in the first 24 hours of moving. This will make it easier to find the necessities and will save so much stress! You can put a change of clothes, phone chargers, cleaning supplies, towels, bed sheets, and toiletries.


Label, label, label!

It may sound crazy but be overly specific and write everything that is in each box on the top in sharpie. This way, there will be so much less guesswork and you’ll be able to find an item quicker. Plus, if you have movers, it will help them get the items to the correct room.


Pack like you’re going on vacation!

Determine how long you have before the move and set out all the outfits and everything that you’ll need before the move! Whatever isn’t set out, can be packed into boxes!


Don’t stress! Take it room by room

Set a goal to get one room packed before moving onto the next. You’ll feel less scatterbrained if you take it one room at a time.


It’s never too early to start!

The earlier you start to pack, the less work you’ll have to do each day! If you have the time frame, try to start packing a few months in advance, starting with your least used room and seasonal items.


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