Thinking Big(ger) – An Obsession with Getting Further Faster

Space shuttleNearly two years ago Lesley and I set out on a happenstance journey teaching real estate classes across the Southeast. At the time I’d be lying to you if I told you why we were doing what we were doing. After all we weren’t making any money doing it. It was all volunteer work. When we considered what we would be teaching we came up with this idea to essentially teach what we would’ve wanted to know as we were growing our team just 5-6 short years ago. We came up with a cumulative class walking through the highs and lows of our team outlining the lessons learned along the way. We called it “Think Big,” and as we taught it we noticed that it either made people think bigger or it blew their mind and went way over their head. I guess either way we were getting the attendees to stretch. That one class led to others including a marketing class teaching agents how to construct an effective marketing plan that somehow does more than market but actually serves people. It’s a different approach that has created a business fueled by 88% referral and repeat business.

It wasn’t until a trip to Austin, Texas less than a year ago where we were sitting in a class with Keller Williams’ founder Gary Keller, and Gary said something that I had heard a hundred times but never really listened to. He said the final path to mastery of any subject is to teach it. Finally. I got it. We didn’t realize why we were teaching, but we were teaching to master the material. It was such a fufilling feeling to have him crystallize it for me, and in that moment I realized that my desire to get further faster was just leading me down the next logical path.

The year 2016 was the best year performance-wise that our team has ever achieved, and it was marked by many individual personal achievements including the promotion of several of our team members. One of those promotions actually pushed me right out of production, meaning I don’t even sell houses anymore. How awesome it is to create opportunities for others, who in turn just take me with them. Our company, Keller Williams Realty, is constantly expanding and creating opportunities for others so The Peters Company is just practicing what it’s learned from the parent company.

About ten months ago Lesley and I were presented with an opportunity to launch and open a Keller Williams Realty office in a new market. We thought about it long and hard, wresting with the logistics and time commitment. It was a logical next step for our leadership journey and would allow us to make a sizable investment on something we understood already at a high level. Ultimately we decided to pass on the opportunity, and it was difficult. We wanted to believe that there was something else out there for us. We just needed to be patient. Eventually our patience was rewarded as we received an opportunity to lead three existing Keller Williams Realty offices in Peachtree Corners, Roswell, and Alpharetta. As Operating Partner, my new role makes me broker for three offices and nearly 600 real estate associates. Honored and humbled, this new opportunity has me thinking much, much bigger. What Lesley and I had been preparing for through the last couple of years has led us here.

So what does all this mean for The Peters Company? The team members on The Peters Company are leaders who are not only fantastic at what they do, but they desire to help other agents as well. I guess you could call us a teaching real estate team much the way Emory Hospital is a teaching hospital. That’s kind of what we do. The Peters Company has secured a commercial building in the Norcross/Peachtree Corners area that will allow us to continue our growth plan and service our clients at the highest level. We will all pour into our new real estate environment. I will continue to serve as the Director of Sales for our team of rockstars while serving as the broker for the three new offices. Our business focus doesn’t change. We will still service the same desirable areas of metro Atlanta, and we will continue to be your go-to for all your real estate needs inside and outside the perimeter.

I never dreamed that thinking big would actually push me out of my job. It’s a great example of what Gary Keller has been asking us: “Are you willing to let your business get as big as it wants to be?” I am, and I’m excited.

Written by Andy Peters

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