The Three Biggest Lies that Your Listing Agent Will Tell You

Just Sign HereSo you’re selling your house, and all you know is that you need to talk to a real estate agent.  If you’re talking to one, you might as well talk to two, right? Well, about 65% of people only interview one agent, but I digress. Let’s say you are talking to two real estate agents. There are three big lies that real estate agents trying to get a listing will tell you, and I see at least one of them every time I’m competing with another agent. Here we go…

#1 – “You don’t need to do anything before hitting the market. Your home is awesome!” I’ve never seen a perfect home, and I’m not holding my breathe that I ever will. The fact is that every home needs even the most simple edits before hitting the market. Could be paint. Could be furniture placement. Could be getting that silk flower from Home Goods for the bathroom. This is why we call in a professional stager on virtually every listing before we list it. Having a professional’s opinion even above and beyond the listing agent’s thoughts is crucial to the success of any listing. By the way, I pay for that service in our listing package so it’s no additional cost to you.

#2 – “Overprice your home.” OK, so maybe they don’t tell you that out right, but be careful of the agent who tells you an absurd number for your home, a number that shocks you. Remember that if you’re the highest bidder on your home that you get to keep it. So many times I see agents give a seller a false expectation that they can actually get them some crazy price for their home. In the business, we call that “buying the listing,” except they didn’t do you any favors, especially when they come after you in 10 days on the market with no offers to reduce the price. One of the values of a premier agent is to tell you the marketable price (not to be confused with value, but that’s another blog for another day) for a property and then get it for you. We’re selling homes for between 98-99% of their original list price so when we give you a price, you better start packing, and take it to the bank!

#3 – “I have (insert any number between 3-5 here) buyers for your home right now!” While we occasionally have buyers for our own listings, and of course, we work exceptionally hard to make those matches when they are in the best interest of our clients, be leery of someone trying to impress with you with their number of buyers. A couple of things here on this point…first of all, do you really want your listing agent working with a bunch of buyers? You really want someone who specializes on listings so that you, as a seller, are their focus. This scenario is not typically in your best interest. With as hot as the market is right now, I’m encouraging all sellers to go to market. There’s no sense in selling off market anymore. The demand for a beautifully staged, well priced home is off the charts, and we’re exceeding our sellers’ expectations every week, regardless of where the buyer comes from. In addition, as our listing specialist I only work with our seller clients, and our amazing buyer specialist team just works with (you guessed it) buyers.

In summary, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t take a chance on some agent feeding you what you want to hear. Follow a time tested process for selling your home, and call us at 404-419-3619 so we can cut through the lies and get your home sold!

Written by Andy Peters, Lead Agent at The Peters Company

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