The Peters Company, The REEL Experience in Real Estate

REELHappy New Year Everyone! I’ve spent the last month reflecting on what made 2016 so wonderful here at The Peters Company (especially after watching most Facebookers toss 2016 out like a dirty pair of underwear)!

2016 was an AMAZING year for all of us! We helped 185 individuals or families buy or sell real estate in the Metro Atlanta area. And, we helped countless family members, friends and neighbors find real estate agents in other parts of the country. Truly our best year yet!!!

And, by all means, the very best part of that BIG number -185 closings –  is that 88% were either past clients or referred to us by one of YOU! The faith you place in our team to help your family members, friends and neighbors will never go unnoticed!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Last week, our team had the great pleasure of attending a team building experience in Marietta at a place called Reel Experiences. Reel is an eye-opening experience that taps into the wonder of your favorite movies to give you a new way to see yourself as well as the people you love, work and play with. It was, by far, one of the best events I have attended!

As I was leaving, I noticed a sign that said, “Our Goal is To Help 2,017 People Build REEL Relationships this YEAR!” I absolutely loved that! They were telling me their goal. And, because I loved my experience so much, I want to share it with everyone I know. Why? Because I want to help them reach their goal.

So, it got me to thinking! I want to share The Peters Company’s goal with all of you.

The Peters Company will help 306 individuals and families buy or sell real estate in the Metro Atlanta area this year!

If you’ve had a REEL great experience with us, will you share our name with anyone you hear utter the words “REAL ESTATE?” It would mean the world to us! #bigthingsin2017

Written by Lesley Peters



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