Technology and The Real Estate Market

The real estate industry is evolving. Technology is disrupting all industries, and real estate is not immune. The Peters Company has always been an early adopter of technology. For instance we were one of the first teams in the state of Georgia to introduce electronic signatures in a transaction for our clients. That was nearly ten years ago!

The issue is the tech platforms and services available today are too disjointed. They don’t communicate with each other so it just becomes fireworks that wow for a moment and then fade away. They don’t provide a meaningful experience for the consumer. Keller Williams Realty understands this and proudly proclaimed that we have become a technology company. What that means is we will develop our own technology playing best ball thanks to the current services and products being offered as well as innovating in our space. Your phone is the remote control of your life. Your real estate experience should be easy and in your hand.

Lesley and I were recently invited to Austin, TX to the Keller Williams Realty world headquarters. We were made privy to the new commitment KW has made to developing an end to end consumer experience that will connect a disjointed industry and put the consumer at the center of everything. What’s so exciting about this is that KW is working straight through agents like us to deliver products that are useful and engaging for the consumer. Our feedback and insights are building these new technologies.

So what does this future consumer experience look like? You’ll of course be able to search properties all over the country, select favorites, schedule showings, make notes, contact us, etc. Interested in backyards? With KW home DNA, you’ll be able to customize how you search for properties and what comes up first. You’ll also be able to apply for a loan with the same app, and all your closing docs will be saved in the cloud from your app. Our trusted and recommended vendors will be at your fingertips in the app. A timeline feature will show you at all times where you are in the process and what’s next.

We are so excited about all that’s coming, and we should see the first iteration of these technologies as early as the fourth quarter 2018. One thing you can count on is that The Peters Company will always invest in tools and technology to serve you best, and this isn’t just noise. We want your real estate experience to be easy and meaningful. Contact us today, and let’s talk about how our new technologies can help you take advantage of today’s market!

Written by Andy Peters

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