With the new world we are living in, more than ever, it’s important to be aware of and keep monthly expenses top of mind! The value of saving money is something that will benefit us in
ANY market/economy. Below are a few great ways to improve your wallet this spring from the comfort of your home!

  • Refinance Your Mortgage – I would be amiss if I didn’t bring up a very obvious savings that you benefit from in the wake of the current circumstances. Taking advantage of the
    lowest interest rates (albeit volatile) that we have seen in 60+ years is a very wise way to lower what could be your largest monthly payment. We have GREAT lenders to refer
    you who will help talk you through the best options for your particular situation, but in most cases this will benefit you!
  • Shop Insurance – Many people secure homeowners, car, personal article, etc. insurance and then forget about it! Regularly (yearly) shopping of your insurance plan is a must do.
    While many people don’t feel they have the time, or simply forget, NOW is the perfect opportunity to make a few calls to significantly lower your bills. We are happy to share
    with you our favorite insurance agents to start the process. They make it painless and have great rates!
  • Make Your Home Energy Efficient – While spring is a good time to naturally lower energy costs due to the great weather, doing other simple things like getting a programmable or ‘smart’ thermostat to only use your heat and air when necessary is well worth the switch! In fact, many power companies offer rebates on these products. Look around your home (windows and doors) to make sure there are no gaps letting outside air in, and if you find them, seal them with foam insulation or weather stripping. And don’t forget to swap out those light bulbs to LED or CFL!
  • Negotiate Lower Bills – Did you know you could do this? I didn’t until recently, but having a conversation with your cable, cell phone, gas company, etc can go a LONG way
    in getting you a better price. Additionally, apps such as TrueBill and BillShark will help you cancel, negotiate, and monitor monthly bills. Oh, and if it wasn’t something you’ve
    heard before… do yourself a favor and cut the cord on cable 😉

No matter the circumstances, we want to be here to HELP our amazing clients and raving fans! Looking for our vetted vendor recommendations? As always, you can reach us at
ThePetersCompany.com or call us at 678-921-1471.

Written by Jennie Moshure

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