Spring is in the Air… in 5 Months

Colorful Tulip Flowers FarmEvery Spring I love to see all of the beautiful tulips, irises and daffodils. I always tell myself that I will plant the bulbs the following fall. Fall is here! Now is the time to grow a green thumb and plant your bulbs for spring blossoms. It is very important to plant bulbs now giving them plenty of time to grow roots this winter. Ideally, the best time to plant is once the weather cools off and before the ground freezes.

You can find bulbs in all of your local hardware stores or nurseries. Be sure to plant them as soon as possible once bringing them home. Be sure to select a well drained area with a lot of sunshine. If you want to try out a smaller area, try planting them just around your mail box.

Here is a list of fall-planted bulbs:


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Written by Amy Wade Potgieter, NE Specialist, The Peters Company

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