Sink or Swim with a Swimming Pool in Metro Atlanta???


About 2 years ago, we got the wild hair that we wanted to move! Why? So, we could have a house with a pool! Hard to believe, I know! You’d think you could just join a neighborhood pool or use the public pool around the corner. But, we wanted our very own swimming pool!

And, just like you, we’ve heard all the reasons NOT to have a house with a pool:

  • Huge Investment to Install
  • Costly to Maintain
  • Lots of Liability
  • Can’t Re-Coup Costs when Sell
  • Many Buyers Don’t Want a Home with a Pool

However, we got to neutral on all of the negatives pretty quickly.

  • A pool is a huge investment. But, in Atlanta, our swimming season can last a good 5 months and maybe even 6 if you have a heated pool. So, the reward to us far outweighed the investment.
  • A pool is costly to maintain. Yet, with today’s salt water pools and more energy efficient pumps, the costs have decreased. There are also several things you can do to keep costs down (use a pool cover, run the filter at night, clean your filters, and maintain proper chemical balances).
  • There are definitely risks and responsibilities with pool ownership. Having older children that are excellent swimmers helps. And, installing a privacy fence with gates that latch/lock are also imperative for any pool owner.
  • We may not recoup all the costs associated with the pool over the years. However, a pool adds to our family’s enjoyment of our home. And, there is truly no price tag for that!
  • Yes, there are some buyers that absolutely do NOT want a home with a pool. As real estate agents ourselves, we’ve found that those buyers make up a very small percentage of homebuyers at large. And, I’d venture to say that for every homebuyer that is adamant against having a pool, there is one that would pay more to have a home with a pool. In fact, they may want a pool so badly that they are willing to get over the home’s features that they dislike because it has a pool.

11301516_10100747373274792_2132202674_nFast forward 2 years at The Peters Home… I can say without a shadow of doubt that putting in a pool has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! Not only do our children enjoy it almost daily, but our neighbors and friends have enjoyed it as well! Our house has even become quite the party palace and I’d say it’s all because of the pool. And, there’s something about sitting outside at night on our laptops working by the pool. It gives you the feeling that you are on vacation ~ even if it is right in your very own backyard.

Have I sold you on putting in your very own pool? If so, I recommend calling Ron Heller at Artisan Pools ( His background in landscape architecture gives him the knowledge and vision to design the perfect pool. And, if you decide that you don’t want to service your pool alone, I highly recommend Luke Pool Service ( They are simply the BEST!

Don’t have the space to install a pool of your very own? We’d love to help you search for a Metro Atlanta home with a pool! Give us a call today at 404-419-3619 to get your search started!

Written by Lesley Peters

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