Selling a Home: The Nine Stages of Emotion

If you are looking to sell your home, be aware that there are nine stages of emotion you may experience. They are as follows:

Excitement – This excitement comes from the thought of moving into your new, dream home.
Anxiety – You’ll wonder, is our home going to be appealing to others? Will it ever sell?
Delight –  You’ll look around, see how your home has been staged, and you’ll be pleased with the result.
Disappointment – You may wonder why people don’t see the value in the home that you have known for many years.
Elation – When someone makes an offer on your home, you’ll be thrilled.
Worry – This will set in as you wait for the inspection and the appraisal to clear. You may worry, are there hidden issues with my home that will worry the buyers? Will my home appraise for the sale price?
Relief – Once all is said and done, you will sell your home and feel relief.
Sadness – This feeling may creep in as you ponder leaving the home full of memories and experiences with your friends and family.
Joy –  You will feel joy as you move into your new home and start your future there.

Dealing with these emotions can be a roller coaster, but the support of a qualified listing agent can make it easier on you.

If you’re thinking of selling, consider The Peters Company. On average we sell homes within 18 days of being listed and at 98.3 % of list price. Our team not only personally markets your home, but also hires a professional photographer and stager to show your home in the best light. These services, along with many others, are how our team guides you to emotion #9 as quickly as possible.

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