Seeing is Believing – Online Photos Can Be Deceiving

HeatherWith Spring right around the corner, you’ll probably notice more and more listings coming on the market. While most people begin their home search online, window shopping that way may not tell the whole story of a property. Here are a few ways in which looking at a home online could vary from seeing it in person:

Size– Property photos have the potential to make a room or whole house seem larger than it actually is. Real estate photographers often use wide angle lenses which can distort the size of a space. Not too mention that pictures of closets, garages, and basements (if unfinished) typically don’t make the cut for a real estate listing/advertisement so you won’t actually know how much storage space there could be until you see it in person.

Condition– Real estate photographers tend to take property photos in high resolution/definition and follow it up with some editing in Photoshop which can make a space look much better than it actually is. Online photos also don’t allow a potential buyer to take in undesirable smells, noisy neighbors, or other potential red lights/issues. All of your senses come into play when viewing a property in person which can help you make a much smarter buying decision.

Neighborhood– Interior updates/renovations, well-maintained landscaping, and professional staging can certainly make a property look like a perfect 10 online. It may not shed light on the neighborhood, location, or other environmental factors though. If your potential neighbors or the safety of an area is important to you, then you’ll definitely want to go explore it in person and check out the external items that the online photos can’t do justice.

Just remember that online listing photos are really only going to show the positives of a home. You won’t be able to distinguish many of the property’s flaws solely from the comfort of your computer. That’s where a real estate agent comes into play. Not only can he or she get you access to a property, but they can help you figure out its pros and cons. The Peters Company has an amazing team of buyer’s agents devoted strictly to helping buyers make a wise purchasing decision. Give us a call at 404-419-3619 if you’re ready to step away from the computer and go view some wonderful properties!

Written by Heather Thomas, Listing Coordinator, The Peters Company

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