School's Out For Summer :: Summer Camps in Atlanta

Summer camp kids at lakeThis time of year, parents get excited about summer starting and the end of the rigidity of school and busy schedules for their kids.

I remember that 3rd week into summer, I was like, “What was I thinking being excited about summer, what am I going to do with my boys all summer?” (And sell real estate at the same time!)

I began networking with friends and clients and learned there is an entire universe of summer camp options: soccer camps, LEGO camps, robotics camps, gymnastics camps, baseball camps, math camps, and art camps to name a few. Click here to view a comprehensive list of summer camps in Atlanta.

Also, many public and private schools offer day camps. Check local school websites and type in summer camps, and voila – a list of camps comes up. Most of the time your child doesn’t have to be a student at that particular school to attend their summer camp program.

Last, don’t forget your church or synagogue – they offer camps that are often times the most affordable options around!

Do your children a favor this summer – sign them up for camp. They will make new friends, learn new skills, AND gain confidence. Not only that, you will have some extra time for yourself, and we can all use a little bit of that!

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Written by Dore Brooks, Buyer Specialist for The Peters Company

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