Reality… or Reality TV?

HGTV_LogoOk, confession time. Real estate agents aren’t huge fans of HGTV. I know what you’re thinking. How can we feel that way about something entirely devoted to our industry? Don’t we get great ideas, tips, and tricks from the plethora of home selling and DIY shows like the rest of America? Actually, not really. Instead, we find that it sets up unrealistic expectations for many future buyers and sellers.

Sure, the general gist of a house hunting show is similar to real life, but it’s definitely not as easy as only looking at three properties and choosing “the one” from that short list. It would certainly make our jobs a lot easier if that were the case! The investor shows where you place an offer on a home you’ve never even seen in person and then always seem to win for the price you want? Not so likely. In fact, good investment opportunities are pretty hard to come by these days. You want to take on a huge home renovation and are sure that you can avoid any major issues AND stay on budget? Good luck with that! Home remodeling is not for the faint of heart!

What I’m trying to say here is that The Peters Company has worked with clients in all of these situations. We have proven processes to help you stay well-informed when it comes to your housing decisions. It is always our goal to set you up for success. For example, all of our buyers come into the office for a detailed pre-buying consultation. During this time we go over the ins and outs of purchasing a home and ways to make the home buying process exceed your expectations. There are many speed bumps that could pop up along the way and we want you to know how to overcome them. We work tirelessly to find you properties, negotiate contracts, and get you to the closing table. On the seller side, we always have a listing appointment to review comps and discuss our detailed marketing plan before listing a property. We’re honest with you about the value of your home and want you to get the most amount of money in the least amount of time. We do our best to get your home as much exposure as possible and make it stand out above the competition.

So whether you want to love it or list it, become a house hunter, or see if your property will flip or flop, give us a call! We can’t promise that it will be quite like what you see on TV, but we can assure you that we will make it a fun and rewarding experience!

Written by Heather Thomas, The Peters Company Listing Coordinator

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