Quick-Fix Home Projects

Anyone else feel like they’re living the same day in March over and over again? Just us? Maybe it’s time to change up your space and change your mindset! Here are 9 quick ways to refresh your home this Fall:

  1. Create an open space. Get rid of bulky furniture that may be taking up too much space. If you are tied to the furniture, consider painting it a lighter color. 
  2. Have a space appear larger. Place a mirror on the opposite side of a window, so the light can reflect and have the room appear bigger and brighter. 
  3. Get rid of your formal dining room. People are no longer using formal dining rooms with any frequency. Turn your dining space into a home office, playroom, or reading nook to create a new, usable space.
  4. Add lighting to your rooms. This can be as simple as adding table and floor lamps or a bit more complicated, by replacing light fixtures with more modern additions. 
  5. Change knobs. Update the knobs in your kitchen and bathrooms with updated versions that are fresh and new. 
  6. Do not ignore your windows. Add decorative panels or shades that go with the style of the room. 
  7. Create an outdoor space. This can be as simple as adding an outdoor rug and some comfortable chairs. For an added element, add bricks or flagstone and an outdoor heater for the cooler months. 
  8. Apply wallpaper. Nowadays, you can easily apply beautiful wallpaper in various designs (that is easily removable) to any space to give it added personality. 
  9. Update Your Bathroom. Deep clean the bathroom to have a clean slate. Then, consider a new faucet, light fixture, shower curtain, and towels. 

If these quick fixes aren’t enough to keep you enamored with your home, give The Peters Company a call. We would love to assist with your buying and selling real estate needs!

Written by Claire Conarro

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