Pre-Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

As the summer starts to wind down and the kids are getting ready to head back to school, it’s a good time to do some home maintenance to help prepare for the upcoming Fall season. If you plan ahead and do a few repairs now, not only will it help protect your home during the colder months but will also prevent repairs down the road. Here are a few things you can do to help prepare your home for the Fall/Winter ahead.

Now is a good time to freshen up any of the rooms of your home with a new coat of paint. You can keep windows open to keep paint odor to a minimum. It also might drum up some ideas for a new fall palette for decor… Have some fun!

Check Your Home for Leaks
Walk around the exterior of your home and inspect windows, doors and any areas where wiring(such as cable) could possibly have any leaks. Fill any areas with caulk. Sealing the leaks in the summer is the best time, since caulk flows and dries best in warmer weather. Making sure all areas are completely sealed is the easiest thing you can do to keep your home both energy efficient and warm.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned
It’s important to clean your gutters regularly, especially heading into the fall. Clogged gutters can overflow in the wrong places and cause damage to your home, roof and other exterior places.

Check the Fireplace
It’s important to clean your fireplace at least once a year so that it isn’t a fire hazard. If this is something you can’t do on your own, or don’t WANT to do(!), there are plenty of professionals out there to call.

Change and Clean Filters
Change of season is always a good time to check ALL your filters… including heating and air conditioner filters, water filters in your refrigerator or sink, and even any HEPA filters in vacuums. Start the new season off with fresh everything!

Repair Cracks on Driveway and Patio
Fill cracks and fix loose pavement in your driveway and walkway before winter comes. This will ensure that water does not get in the cracks and create a problem during the winter rain/snow. For patios, filling in loose pavers with sand can prevent shifting during the wet and colder months.

And if you need any suggestions, The Peters Company has a great vendor recommendations list to help you keep your home in tip top shape!

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