Plants that Repel Mosquitos!

One of my favorite things to do from Spring to Fall is fire up the grill in my backyard and enjoy a nice meal on the patio. Unfortunately, in Atlanta, the mosquito population tends to grow every year… or is it just me? Some lucky folks seem to be all but ignored by the pesky insects, but if you’re anything like me, you better be covered from head to toe with insect repellant or you are a prime meal target! But relief is on the horizon! There are several plants that repel mosquitoes c

Rosemary: Not only great for cooking, this woody shrub can grow as tall as 3-4 feet and 5 feet wide, so be sure to plant it in an area where it can have some space! It also does well in large planters and is a sun lover, so place it in a southern direction so it can receive the light it craves.

Lavender: These fragrant blooms repel many types of insects, and can also be dried and placed in closets, drawers, and linen cupboards to help keep moths, spiders, and other insects. Not only is a gorgeous outside but it has a nice scent for anywhere you put it inside!

Marigold: Whether you plant the annual or perennial version of these flowers, they both repel mosquitoes and many other critters that like to make their way into your yard and garden. Because these gorgeous yellow and orange blooms last all the way from spring through frost, these flowers have always been a popular choice for gardeners – AND they have the added benefit of a strong fragrance that repels deer, rabbits, and practically every insect in existence.

Peppermint: Although this fragrant plant can spread quickly and might be best contained in pots, it repels mosquitos AND spiders, not to mention it’s great in teas and cooking. It is also known for it’s effectiveness for treating digestive problems… so it’s not a bad plant to have on hand!

Thyme: Another plant that is known to be popular in the kitchen, this plant actually contains a toxic aroma to many insects, and is beneficial to use as a natural insecticide. For this reason, it’s also a great plant to have around roses and other flowers that have a tendency to attract destructive bugs.

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Written by Kimber Bond

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