The Peters Company's First Time Home Buyer Q & A Recap

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Earlier this month, The Peters Company held a First Time Home Buyer Q & A at our Keller Williams Peachtree Road office. It was such a great event that we are planning to hold another one at the beginning of the year! We will keep you posted.

The top of mind questions for several attendees included:
How much can I afford?
How long does the process take?
How do we get started?

A lender will let you know what you can afford once you complete a brief application that takes about 10 minutes to complete. What you can afford depends not only on your credit score, but also on your debt to income ratio, income, and whether you are a 1099 vs. W-2 employee. When you are ready to buy, we have several lenders we highly recommend, who will make the process a breeze!

The time frame from when you start looking for your next home until you close on the home of your choice takes between 10 – 12 weeks. This varies greatly on each buyer’s situation.

We cover all of these topics in our buyer consultation meeting, so email us anytime or call us at 404-419-3619 to set up your Buyer Consultation.

Luckily, at The Peters Company we take a consultative approach to helping clients – so let us know how we can help!

Written by Dore Brooks, Buyer Specialist, The Peters Company

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