Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful :: Snow Day Preparedness

IMG_20171209_092352347Were you one of the many Georgians caught off guard by the unexpected snow storm recently? I sure was! I think our meteorologists may have been too as they only predicted about an inch of snow… boy were they wrong! I hadn’t run to store to buy ALL the bread and milk, my kids didn’t even have gloves that fit, and I certainly hadn’t put a thought into anything else around the house that might be needed to prepare for the snow and the potential of being stuck in our home for days with or without power. I definitely learned my lesson! Here are a few items to make sure you have on hand for the next snow day:

Flashlight (and batteries!)
Radio (and batteries!)
Cooler Filled with Ice
Three Day Supply of Non-Perishable Food and Water
Extra Blankets
First Aid Kit
Supplies for Pets
Back Up Power Generator
Plenty of Wine… especially if you have kids 😉

Did you spend your snow day(s) bored and surfing the web looking at potential new homes? C’mon, we know you did! If so, give The Peters Company a call! We can help find you a new home to stay warm and cozy in while you let it snow, let it snow, let it snow outside!

Written by Heather Thomas, Service Support Specialist, The Peters Company

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