Not Your Average (Holidays)

Depositphotos_162007150_l-2015So the holidays are coming. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s but what about all of those fun, lesser known holidays? You know the ones – the one you hear on the radio and it makes you smile because it’s a random Tuesday and everyone’s all happy and excited about “national eat a cupcake on one foot day”. Well, maybe not that one. But here are a few of my favorite “not your average” holidays for November that you might want to celebrate too:

11/2 : National Men Make Dinner Day (Today!) – Men, you better step up to the plate!

11/6 : National Saxophone Day – Anyone play the saxophone?

11/13 : National Kindness Day – The Peters Company LOVES this day! One of our favorite sayings is “Just be nice!”

11/15 : National Clean Your Refrigerator Day – Yeah, I’ll hop right on that…

11/16 : National Fast Food Day – Who wants to meet me at Taco Bell?

11/21 : National False Confession Day – wait, what?

11/25 : National Parfait Day – Yum!

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Written by Katelyn Sheffield, Transaction Coordinator, The Peters Company

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