Metro Atlanta School Redistricting and What You Need to Know

While school district lines may be invisible, they have a huge impact on communities and home values. In fact, right now we have two listings that are in the cross-fires of an elementary school redistricting going on in DeKalb County. One is currently in a lower ranked district and may be annexed into a much higher ranked school district, and the other is in the opposite situation. Two very different outcomes could impact these homes’ values dramatically.

This is why having a great agent on your side to ensure that you are aware of these situations is vital. Whether buying or selling, in Atlanta, school districts are an important search and value criteria, so you need to be in the know when it comes to redistricting.

Each county has a slightly different approach, but the process of redistricting typically takes around 6 months and is split up in various stages. Typically, the redistricting process is driven by three rounds of increasing specific community input. After community input is complete, the Superintendent makes a recommend plan and then it’s voted on by the School Board for approval.

In DeKalb County (where our subject properties are), the redistricting criteria is restricted to the following:

  1. Safety and traffic patterns
  2. Previous redistricting
  3. Intact neighborhoods
  4. Special programs, e.g., programs serving special needs students that require additional classroom space
  5. School feeder alignment
  6. Efficient and economical operations

Of course, part of our job as agents is to be aware of any major impacts of value to your property, and we want you to have the information at your disposal as well.

For more information on redistricting, you can visit the following metro Atlanta websites for more information:

Fulton County:

DeKalb County:

Cobb County:

Gwinnett County:



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