Listing Your Home? 5 Easy Projects

After showing 1000s of houses, here are a few quick and easy ideas to help make that great first impression when selling your home:
1. Update your landscaping.  This is the first thing people notice when driving by. Plant bright flowers, spread pine straw, trim shrubs and cut tree limbs away from the house. If you look organized on the outside, buyers will think you are organized on the inside!
2. Replace or paint your front door and add a new door mat. And while you are at it, make certain to replace any wood rot around the door frame.  Buyers stand at the front door while their agent opens the lockbox to get the key and they notice if repairs are needed.
3. Make certain your windows are clean.  If there are cobwebs and dirt on them, it makes the house look uncared for. And oftentimes inspectors mention the seals have failed when in fact the windows may just be dirty.
4. Your house shows better when it smells clean and fresh – it’s amazing how smells can affect a buyer’s impression. Air out your house, and use light, floral scents – nothing too strong or buyers think you are hiding bad smells.  And wait to cook brussel sprouts and fish until you are in your new house!
5. And lastly, replace burned out lightbulbs and make certain to use bright bulbs. Also, be sure to use matching wattage in each fixture. It’s distracting to see a chandelier with different types of bulbs in it.  Keep in mind that buyers love to see bright light.
For more ideas on how to make your house show the best it can, contact us at The Peters Company.
Written by Dore Brooks, Lead Buyer Specialist, The Peters Company

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