Let's Make a Deal – Finding the Win-Win

As a Listing Specialist for The Peters Company, I know that sellers are looking for two key traits in their agent:

1.     Sell their home in the least amount of time for the most amount of money AND…

2.     Negotiate on their behalf

My husband thinks I’m a master negotiator because he hears me on the phone 24/7 working through all sorts of deals. Sometimes I think I should take up a second career as a hostage negotiator, but in all honesty, it’s tough out there in a fast moving and emotional market, and having an agent make the tough calls and bring parties together is key to “winning” in this market. Real estate is a double whammy for folks as it’s a two-fold decision process – part investment (logic) and part personal (emotional). That’s where we come in… As agents, a big part of our job is to master our negotiation skills to best serve our clients and get you the very best price for your home!

Here is a little sneak peek into some of my favorite negotiation tactics/tips that I use on a regular basis:

1.     Be Prepared and Professional :: When helping sellers decide on the best price for their home, we have the information on neighborhood comps, condition, etc. We don’t make blind decisions, and doing this builds confidence in our pricing and ensures a smoother process. Additionally, we keep things professional and compliant. We don’t waste time with verbal offers. Printed words are powerful, and they keep everything on the up and up.

2.     Be the CALMEST person in the transaction :: This can be tough, but we try to help clients remember that while selling a home can be an emotional process, ultimately it’s a business transaction and it’s important to think logically and not get tied up in combatting an “unreasonable seller” or an “unrealistic buyer.” By thinking thoroughly through decisions you’ll avoid a rash decision be happier in the end.

3.     Bring people together :: The purpose of using a real estate agent to work on your behalf has a lot to do with being able to help you navigate through a negotiation – helping you get what you want, but also explaining the potential motives of the other side and helping to bring both sides to a happy medium. We acknowledge common ground and remind clients that the negotiations are just part of the process and negotiation is a process in itself. We work with you to know your goal, and if there is no movement, we can help to set aside a particular issue and move forward on the other issues. Remember, standing on principle alone rarely gets you what you want!

Would you like us to help YOU get the best price possible for your home? Call the Listing Team at the Peters Company today and visit us at thepeterscompany.com.

Written by Jennie Moshure, Lead Listing Specialist, The Peters Company



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