Hug Over a Handshake: The Value of a Consultant Over an Agent

animals huggingRecently I was invited by a past client over to his house to catch up, have a drink and just casually talk about the market. I rang the doorbell, and when he opened the door it was like seeing a long lost friend. He immediately reached out for me, grabbed me, hugged me, and squeezed me harder than my grandmother would. It’d been about three years since I helped Mat and Darlene find their beautiful new construction home in Brookhaven off market.

I remember we looked at houses in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, and eventually Brookhaven. The home they purchased had worked incredibly well for their family, and because they made a wise financial move, it had appreciated quite a bit since their purchase. Like every homeowner, there were things that had happened in the last three years that were minor annoyances, but nothing that would have deterred them from this home. Although it’d been a while since we had spent any real time together, Mat was genuinely excited to see me, and I felt the same. After all, we were not only friends as a result of business, but he has become quite the advocate for our business, sending us numerous referrals. Mat went on to open up his amazing scotch cabinet as I tried sip after sip with amazing commentary and direction on what I was tasting and where it was from. It was so good to hang out with a friend.

I was reminded that we build special relationships with our clients, and it’s not about selling a house; it’s about consulting and helping people improve their lives and make great decisions. There’s a reason why The Peters Company logo has the tagline “Premier Real Estate Consultants” and not “Premier Real Estate Agents.” An agent is just there to get a task or a job done. A consultant requires a higher level of relationship that starts with understanding and ends with what’s best for the client.

Everyday we have a choice to make: agent or consultant. Who do you build a better relationship with, an agent or a consultant? There’s your answer. I guess this is why our business is 85% referral and repeat, and I can’t imagine it any other way. When we go to Austin, Texas and hang out with the top 100 within Keller Williams Realty, we realize how very lucky we are to have a business that is so referral based. Most agents are working with 85% complete stranger leads generated through the internet, and they are in awe of what we do at the levels we accomplish, making us Georgia’s #1 Keller Williams Realty team in 2015.

By the way, Mat and Darlene were referrals from another close client, who was a referral from another dear client. You get the idea.

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Written by Andy Peters


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