Housewarming Gifts

stampIt’s that time of year again when holiday gift lists are flying around left and right. While we at The Peters Company love getting in the holiday spirit, there’s one gift list that truly gets us excited: housewarming gifts! Here is a guide to some fun and meaningful gifts to bestow upon those friends and loved ones that have recently moved:

  • Monogrammed Door Mat- Not only will this offer a stylish welcome into their home, but will also serve double duty to protect those shiny new floors from dirt and grime.
  • “Busy Bucket”- This is a fun name that those of us in the real estate world have given to a gift basket of items that will be helpful during the first few days after they move into their new home. Items often include things such as paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper, tape measure, picture hangers, Clorox wipes, and much more.
  • Watercolor Painting- Maybe they had to sell a beloved home before purchasing their next one. A watercolor portrait of their previous home is a great way to commemorate where they came from while providing beautiful artwork for their new home. On the flip side, you could always have a watercolor portrait of their new home painted.
  • Address Stamp- Easily customized, this is probably our favorite housewarming gift. It’s simple yet totally useful. It will be so fun for them to pull out the address stamp throughout the year, whether sending festive Christmas cards or just a simple “thank you” note.

As you can see, there are many thoughtful ways to offer a “congratulations” on a new home. If you know anybody who is ready purchase a home, The Peters Company is here to help! Who knows, we just may be able to score you a place on the guest list for the housewarming party!

Written by Heather Thomas, Listing Coordinator, The Peters Company

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