2022 Homestead Exemption Information

Did you purchase a home in 2021? Congratulations!

Under Georgia law, you are entitled to a Homestead Exemption (a reduction in your property taxes) for any property that you own and occupy as your primary residence as of January 1st. The exemption is not automatic, however, and you have to properly file for the exemption to save on your taxes. You can find the Homestead Exemption Application form and instructions to file in the links below.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is "Homestead Exemption"?

A homeowner is typically entitled to homestead exemption on the home and land that was owned by the homeowner and was their legal residence as of January 1st of the taxable year.


How do I qualify?

To receive homestead exemption, a person must actually occupy the home and the home is considered their primary legal residence. Some counties may require that the Homeowner(s) provide their recorded Warranty Deed (original or copy), proof of residence, social security numbers, GA driver’s license and car tag info to qualify.


How do I apply?

See below for your specific county deadline, website with application instructions, and phone number. Most can be filed online in under 10 minutes.

2022 Homestead Exemption County Links

Please confirm with your local taxing authority that the deadlines for filing have not changed for 2022. If your new property is located within city limits, the homeowner may need to file for exemption with the city as well.


Cherokee County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

https://www.cherokeega.com/Tax-Assessors-Office/homestead-exemptions/ (in-person application)



Cobb County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

https://www.cobbtax.org/_fileUploads/files/HomesteadExemptionApplication.pdf (mail-away or in-person application)



DeKalb County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

https://taxcommissioner.dekalbcountyga.gov/TaxCommissioner/homesteadOnlineApp/TChomesteadOnline.asp (online application)



Forsyth County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

http://www.forsythco.com/Departments-Offices/Board-of-Assessors/Homestead-Exemption (mail-away or in-person application)



Fulton County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

https://fultonassessor.org/exemptions/ (online application)



Gwinnett County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

https://gwinnetttaxcommissioner.publicaccessnow.com/HomesteadExemptionApplication.aspx (online application)



Barrow County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

http://qpublic.net/ga/barrow/exemptions.html#homestead (mail-away or in-person application)



Clark County (deadline is April 1, 2022)




Clayton County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

https://www.claytoncountyga.gov/government/tax-commissioner/exemptions (online application



Douglas County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

https://www.celebratedouglascounty.com/342/Regular-Homestead-Exemption (in-person application)



Fayette County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

https://fayettecountyga.governmentwindow.com/start_alt.html (in-person application)



Hall County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

https://www.hallcounty.org/FormCenter/Tax-Assessors-Office-6/Regular-Homestead-Exemption-Application-167 (online application)



Henry County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

https://www.qpublic.net/ga/henry/docs/APPLICATION%20FOR%20HENRY%20COUNTY%20HOMESTEAD%20EXEMPTIONS_Combined.pdf (mail-away or in-person application)



Jackson County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

http://www.qpublic.net/ga/jackson/exemptions.html#homestead (in-person application)



Newton County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

https://www.qpublic.net/ga/newton/exemptions.html#homestead (in-person application)



Paulding County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

http://www.paulding.gov/210/Homestead-Exemptions (in-person application)



Walton County (deadline is April 1, 2022)

https://www.qpublic.net/ga/walton/exemptions.html (in-person application)