How to Have a Great Real Estate Closing

home cleaning

As a seller, there are several easy ways to make the closing go very well and exceed buyer expectations. I mean, why have a negative experience when you can have an outstanding experience?

Some ideas include:

  • Have your house professionally cleaned – including all ceiling fans and the refrigerator/freezer
  • Fill all the nail holes and repaint
  • Mow the grass and pull weeds
  • Clean out the garage and sweep clean
  • Provide receipts for repairs 
Leave the keys and garage door openers on the counter or bring them to the closing
  • Let the buyers know when trash and recycling pickups are
  • Leave all the appliance manuals and/or warranty information you have


An example of some extras that sellers have done for my buyer clients in the past include leaving a bottle of wine, or flowers or a note of congratulations.

It is amazing how much good will is created when buyers do their walk through prior to closing and the sellers have made a concerted effort to leave the home in pristine condition.

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Written by Dore Brooks, Lead Buyer Specialist, The Peters Company

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