Getting Around Atlanta Traffic

Oftentimes clients move here and while determining where they want live in relation to work or schools, they say, “according to the map, it’s just 5 miles.”

It’s hard to believe that those 5 miles can take 20-30 minutes or longer. Even when I explain it, clients don’t believe it. And, there isn’t really a reverse commute anymore!

A good way to see what your commute times will be is to use the app Waze. It has a feature where you can put in your home address, add your destination as your work address, select future day and time (Monday 8am), and it will show you the commute time. Then do the reverse for 5pm from the office to home and it tells you that commute time.

Besides living close to work, some other good options to avoid sitting in traffic include:
– Live close to a Marta station if your office is also close to one
– Check into flex work hours
– Work from home
– Carpool or ride share

The bottom line is, Atlanta is a big city and getting bigger. Atlanta is expected to grow by an additional 2-3 million people by 2040.

City officials are working on commute concerns, and luckily for the northwest suburbs, GA DOT has opened the Peach Pass Toll Lane for 75 northbound and southbound.

Call me and my team at The Peters Company to discuss your ideal commute time and what part of town you should live in to meet your drive time goals!


– Written by Dore Brooks

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