Get to Know the Team at TPC!

5 Fun Facts: The Peters Company Edition!

Get to know our team with 5 unique facts about each team member!


Andy Peters: Co-Founder

  1. I’m a collector. I collect bourbon, sports cards, comic books, and guitars!
  2. I once lost 60 lbs. in 6 months and 30 lbs. in 2 months.
  3. I’m a Georgian through and through. My extended family is from SW Georgia. I was born in middle Georgia and have now lived in North Georgia and Southeast Georgia.
  4. For fun, I like to fly fish and hunt quail.
  5. I ran on the first state winning cross country team for Marist School in 1995. Marist has now won 12 state championships in the sport.


Lesley Peters: Co-Founder

  1. Begged her parents for a chicken coop in elementary school! Her parents agreed after she got permission from all of the neighbors. The first three were named Susie, Sally, and Sam – all bantams.
  2. Grew up in Enterprise Alabama – home of the boll weevil monument – the only monument in the world honoring a pest.
  3. Favorite childhood memories included dancing (especially tap) and playing golf in the afternoons with her dad.
  4. Took a 5-year detour from her business degree and taught Kindergarten and First Grade before jumping into real estate 17 years ago.
  5. Loves DOGS and would have a house-full if Andy would allow it. Currently capped out with Byrdie (Beagle/Pointer mix) and Bizzy (Italian Greyhound).


Justin Laster: Listing Specialist

  1. I used to dream of becoming a racecar driver and one of my favorite sports now is F1 Racing.
  2. I enjoy working out and my biggest goal this year is to run a half marathon!
  3. I started training for my pilot’s license at 15 years old and have been flying single-engine airplanes since. I love traveling and my dream destination to fly into is the Maldives.
  4. I love to be crafty/handy and have always enjoyed assembling things. Around 8 years old, I built a dog house from scratch.
  5. I started playing baseball at the age of 3 and over the years, I found a passion for many other sports including golf, tennis, swimming and more!


Brooke Elias: Agent

  1. I was formerly a flight attendant before getting into real estate
  2. I was an extra in a movie with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube!
  3. I sang on stage with The Marshall Tucker Band
  4. I have a degree in Public Relations from Jacksonville State University in Alabama (I was two classes short of being a double major in PR and English!)
  5. I thrifted my wedding dress for $40 and took it to a tailor and had him turn it into what I wanted!


Keith Bragg: Agent

  1. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love a great costume contest with great prizes. I won three extra PTO days at a former place of employment by coming as a Hooter Girl – orange shorts, tank top and all (picture not included) LOL
  2. I worked for a local casting director and met several famous people including Isabelle Sanford (she played Louise Jefferson in the sitcom ‘The Jeffersons’. Taylor Hackford – film director, films include ‘Officer and Gentleman’ and ‘Ray’ (the Ray Charles movie) to name a few. While there I also met Usher.
  3. I have attended 3 out of the top 4 major tennis tournaments except for the Australian Open and making plans now to attend next year (fingers crossed).
  4. Just a few months after 9/11 I went to work as a flight attendant
  5. I love to garden and work in the yard and finally using the degree in Biology from Jacksonville State University because last year I successfully rooted roses from my own garden.


Christin Cave Leinbach: Listing Coordinator

  1. I speak fluent French and lived in France for nearly 4 years.
  2. My husband and I share a birthday; he is only a few hours older than me. We were both born on March 13, 1983.
  3. I have one fake tooth (an implant)!
  4. I compost, use cloth napkins/cloth cleaning towels, shop at thrift stores, collect rain water, and always have a spare bag to avoid plastics ones and to live as sustainably as possible
  5. I have visited 29 states and 21 countries.


Trish Carr: Transactions Coordinator

  1. My husband and I have purchased three homes in the past three years – one is a cabin that we Airbnb in my hometown of Murphy, NC. Be sure to check it out if you’re planning a trip to the area. My BHAG is to own 10 investment properties. *Fingers crossed we’ll get our fourth one this year*
  2. We have a pet cat named Ozzie (Go Braves!) Six months into adopting him we found out he is actually a she, but we decided to keep the same name.
  3. I can quote every word from the original Jurassic Park movie.
  4. Last year I read 77 books and my goal this year is 100. Next up on my list is Verity.
  5. I love volunteering and paying it forward. One of my life goals is to start my own non-profit organization in my hometown.


Brian Kelly: Inside Sales Agent

  1. I can play 10 different instruments
  2. I have 5 different types of animals – Hedgehog, Snake, Turtles, Bearded Dragon, and dog
  3. I love cooking international dishes, especially Asian food.
  4. My favorite hobby is playing soccer!
  5. I’ve visited 42 of the 50 states!


Hannah Lyon: Intern

  1. The top layer of my eyes are artificial and are made of plastic!
  2. I’ll be a senior at the University of Alabama this upcoming school year and I’m the Director of Academics for my sorority. Roll Tide!
  3. Instead of walking at high school graduation, I ended up in the emergency room. Because I went into anaphylactic shock. During allergy testing, I was allergic to 97/100 things.
  4. I was a competitive dancer for 12 years and traveled to Las Vegas, New York City, Los Angeles, and Orlando for dance!
  5. One day, I’m going to kidnap Lesley and Andy’s dog, Byrdie… shhh don’t tell!


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