Fun in Your Brookhaven Backyard

Reid at Murphey Candler ParkI recently took a week off from work and had a little “staycation” with my husband and young son. Instead of just hitting all the usual Atlanta hot spots, we decided to explore our own little city of Brookhaven. Sure enough, we realized that there are so many fun things to do right in our own backyard! One of our favorite activities is going to the park and luckily Brookhaven has no shortage of great parks. We knew most of these existed and had probably been to many of them before, but this time we really took advantage of all they have to offer. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Murphey Candler :: I have been visiting this park since I was a little girl. Back then the main attraction was feeding the ducks. Now I’ve come to realize that this park has so much more to offer! Not only are there playgrounds and picnic areas, but wonderful walking/running trails all around the lake! They are safe enough for young children and easy enough for all fitness levels (including this out of shape, pregnant lady). We love that this park makes you feel like you’ve escaped the city for a fun outdoor adventure when in reality it’s only a short drive down the road!
  • Ashford Park :: We drive past this park on a daily basis, yet we had really never visited it before. We’ve been missing out! The park has a plethora of outside toys and play equipment for kids to play with which was certainly a big hit! There are also tennis courts, a pavilion, and clubhouse for public use. We loved that there are plenty of other families around which makes for tons of potential pals for your little one (and maybe even you). Definitely one to check out if you’re in the area!
  • Briarwood Park :: This park has really improved over the last few years. New playground equipment, renovated pool and rec facilities, and a cute community garden are all wonderful updates recently made. This park was often ignored in the past due to kind of a bad reputation, but now it’s a very popular hangout! Fun fact: The City of Brookhaven recently hired a flock of sheep to come clear out all the ivy and kudzu around the park. Needless to say, it was quite a hit with kids and parents alike!
  • Peachtree DeKalb Airport :: This park/playground is a hidden gem. Ok, it’s technically located in Chamblee, but it’s pretty popular with the Brookhaven crowd. Its great location right on the Chamblee/Brookhaven line makes it super convenient. Being able to play on a playground, eat lunch at a picnic table, and watch airplanes take off and land is so much fun, not only for our two year old, but my husband and me as well!
  • Blackburn Park :: This is another park that I drive by almost daily. It’s also the one that we had probably spent the least amount of time in. Again, I realized that we had been missing out! The playgrounds are great, there is plenty of green space for the kids to run around in, and it has a great tennis center if that’s your thing. The City of Brookhaven also hosts a weekly food truck night here during the spring, summer, and fall months which is delicious. You should definitely check it out!

Reid at Blackburn ParkAs you can tell, the City of Brookhaven has really made parks a priority. This short list doesn’t even begin to cover a handful of other fabulous parks around the area. I can assure you that you’ll find all of them convenient, well-maintained, and down right fun! If you need help exploring Brookhaven, give The Peters Company a call! We love living, working, and PLAYING in Brookhaven!

Written by Heather Thomas, Listing Coordinator

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