Fun Facts Behind Some Spring Traditions

So, spring has sprung! It’s my favorite time of year and I’ve done a little research on “why” we do what we do in the spring.

Cleaning: It might seem like simple good sense to want to tidy your home following a lengthy season of indoor living but there is actually cultural significance to the annual task. Some theories trace modern spring cleaning back to the Persian New Year of Nowruz, which coincides with the first day of spring. Observers of the holiday celebrate the “rebirth of nature” by replacing old items and garments with new ones. An alternative potential origin involves Jewish culture’s springtime task of ridding a household of all yeast-based foodstuffs in preparation for Passover.

Yard Sales: And what do you do with all your old clothes and miscellaneous junk once you’ve unloaded it from the attic or basement? Turn a profit! When springtime hits American suburbs, it’s tough to find a block that isn’t boasting one or two yard sales. This national pastime, also commonly known as a “rummage sale,” dates back to the early 1800s, when shipyards would put lost or damaged cargo, referred to by the now archaic term “romage”, up for public sale.

Egg Hunting: Even though Easter is behind us, I love knowing that some of our egg-hunting, painting, and cooking traditions may also trace roots to ancient Latvia, where the dealing and consumption of eggs on the spring equinox involved a great deal of superstition. The stealing of an egg would result in bad luck and eating a hard-boiled egg without salt was considered the mark of a dishonest man. (this is how I eat mine, but don’t worry about my honesty!)

But the best of these principles had to do with romance. If a girl were to bestow upon a boy…

Two eggs: It meant she wasn’t interested.
Three eggs: It meant she might be interested.
Four eggs: It meant she intended to marry him for his money.
Five eggs: It meant she was madly in love.

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Written by Sara Pace, Listing Specialist, The Peters Company

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