Five Steps to the Perfect Open House

OpenHouseBlogPicNot all homes are suited for an open house, but when they are The Peters Company knows how to market them and get the most eyes on your home! While we promise to get people to the house, it’s also a joint effort from the seller to make the house show as well as possible! Therefore, we have compiled a check-list to help ensure that you have the best open house on the block!

  • Clean, clean, clean – It really can’t be said enough! A tidy house gives the impression of a home that is cared for, and discerning buyers are looking for flaws. Don’t let an extra visit from a housekeeper or 1-2 hours of cleaning before the open house get in the way of a great first impression!
  • Take the pets for a walk (or to visit another house!) – Pets can be distracting to buyers, and they also run the risk of escaping while multiple people are walking in and out of the home. For the safety of your furry friends, and the best presentation of the house, ALL animals should be removed.
  • Set the Thermostat – Depending on the time of year, set the thermostat at an appropriate temperature (we like 70* in winter and 74* in summer). If it’s extremely warm out, turn on the ceiling fans too! This is also critical for vacant homes, so don’t forget this key component!
  • Turn on the lights and open the curtains – Turn on most of the lights in your house – especially lamps that provide a nice, warm glow. Show off any special lighting such as under the cabinet lights or gas lanterns. Don’t forget the all important “natural” light – open blinds and curtains for an even better effect!
  • Add the finishing touches – Before leaving, give each room a once over by standing in the doorway and looking for anything out of place. Straighten bed sheets, fluff pillows and towels, and put away any clutter. If you really want to impress, arrange flowers to add color, bake treats in the oven, and light a candle with a soft/fresh scent in a few key rooms!


From the open house to closing day, The Peters Company is here to help with all of your real estate needs! Looking to sell your home? Visit our website, or email for a free evaluation!

Written by Jennie Moshure, Lead Listing Specialist, The Peters Company


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