Spirit animals and Millennials go together like avocados and toast.  What IS a spirit animal, you may ask?  Simplified, spirit animals are a mystical representation in animal form of the true feelings of a person.  For example, someone shy could say that their spirit animal is a lion, which is super confusing, BUT is likely an accurate internal representation of what the individual aspires to be.


Do spirit animals have a place in the real estate world?  Of COURSE they do!  And, who doesn’t love taking those fun social media quizzes that help us self-discover?  Let’s find out what YOUR real estate spirit animal is.


Hawk :: Are you a hawk?  Do you SCOUR the internet searching for homes that you A) likely won’t act on, B) find your dream home and envision the space as your nest, and C) feel unnecessarily aggressive/disappointed when the home you favorited receives an offer and lists a “pending” status?  No, just me?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Cool.  Well, do WE have the help YOU need!  Watching the market is fun, but timing the market is near impossible.  Just ask Gary Keller, founder and CEO of Keller Williams Realty, our mothership.  Our incredibly talented and knowledgeable Buyer Specialist team can set you up on a search for homes that haven’t even hit the market yet, so you’ll be the FIRST to know a great home when you see it.  Plus, we work in an office with literally hundreds of agents and have super-secret message boards with insider knowledge about homes throughout metro Atlanta and North Georgia.  If this sounds good, you’re probably a hawk.


Bear :: Could you be a bear?  Do you enjoy stability and build lasting relationships with friends and family?  Do you automatically lean toward caring for others in a social situation?  Maybe you have the best snacks in your work drawer, or people often ask you for advice.  If the real estate market seems fast-paced and completely foreign, you need a realtor you can trust to help you navigate the seemingly dense real estate forest and find the best home for YOU.  Our team is comprised of 21 people, all of whom specialize in different areas, or stages of life, whether you’re buying OR selling your home.  Besides our rockstar agent team, you’ll also find a dynamite “Operations Staff” here at The Peters Company.  Think of us like doctors and nurses – your agent is your doctor and the Ops staff are your nurses.  We help get your home on the market, if you’re selling, (think lockbox coordination, professional photography, feedback from showings… logistics), and will help you get to the closing table after your contract is accepted, (scheduling your closing, booking inspections, and making sure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.)


Owl :: Maybe you’re an owl.  You’re wise, sometimes beyond your years.  You’ve experienced shifts in the real estate market before, so you’re not concerned about all this “changing market” talk.  You know your real estate investment earns you $$$ at the end of the day, because you made a smart and educated choice when you purchased your home, (even if it was during the “height” of the market!)  You’re likely a visionary, and don’t need to see a home staged to see yourself living there, or the value in it.  You know good bones when you see them, and understand that purchasing a new home will likely be the largest financial decision you’ll make in your life.  You might have even though about purchasing investment properties and flipping or renting.  Reach out to one of our Buyer Specialists and make a well-informed decision before jumping on a “good deal” – our experience is an average real estate agent’s experience times TEN.  Facilitating 304 home transactions last year earned us the title of Keller Williams’ Number ONE Group not only in the state of Georgia, but also the Southeast Region of the United States.  Trust us, we’ve seen it ALL!


Fox :: Are you a fox?  A bargain hunter, competitive in nature, or quick-witted?  Do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt and then sweet satisfaction of a job well done?  Well, you might just be a fox.  Foxes enjoy the element of surprise.  They quietly hunt around for homes on their own terms, avoiding clickbait and spammy websites, until they’re at last ready to make an informed decision.  Foxes aren’t intimidated by multiple offer situations or pushy salespeople; they’ll choose their own path when the time is right.  Naturally wary, foxes put their trust in proven results.  The proof is in the pudding, or rather, the numbers, in our case.  You now know we sold 304 homes in 2018, and did you know that we earn our sellers, on average, 3% MORE profit than the typical Atlanta agent?  On a $350,000 home, that $10,500 MORE for YOU.  More for your vacation, more to add to your 401k (like the responsible adult you are), more to renovate your next home!  So, foxes, do the responsible thing, and call US when you’re ready to pounce on that townhouse you’ve been eyeing.


These spirit animals exist in ALL of us.  And, our team can help you nurture whichever personality you’re feeling that day.  Hop on our website thepeterscompany.com and check out some properties, request our exclusive and newly redesigned buyer or seller guides, or give us a call at 678.921.1470.  It would be our pleasure to help you!


  • Written by Christina Rotolo

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