Finding the Right Agent Anywhere

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Of course we want to help you with all of your real estate needs in Atlanta, but sometimes you have needs outside of the metro area. Maybe you’re being relocated or maybe you need a second home on the beach. Whatever your needs are, we have your back!

Houston, Dallas, Charleston, Orange Beach. We have helped friends and forever clients find real estate agents in the last 30 days in all of these locations and more. With our real estate connections around the country, we can help ensure you find a superior agent no matter where you are wanting to go. The Keller Williams brand is the largest brand in the country and represents the best of the best in terms of service, reliability and skill.

Selecting the right agent for our clients is an important process. The most powerful agent recommendation is someone we personally know. From our time in national conventions and training opportunities around the country, we are lucky to rub shoulders with the best of the best. Our network of real estate friends and colleagues is vast. The second way we find agents is through reputation. Leveraging our relationships from around the country through social media, we oftentimes ask our trusted real estate contacts for agent recommendations in a certain area. When the agents we know and trust recommend the same person at least twice then we know we have a candidate. The third way we find an agent to recommend is to search by production through the Keller Williams system. KW is an open book company, meaning that at any time we can see every agent’s production worldwide. While production doesn’t show us quality of character and service it does give us a glimpse at how successful agents are, and it’s a jumping off point. We have conversations with every agent who we recommend to ensure they are a good fit for our client and a positive reflection of The Peters Company.

We take our recommendation seriously. In fact, our team is constantly referred by other agents across the country. Last year we completed over 20 transactions that came from other real estate agents recommending us. We know that our values are always on display, and we work hard to ensure that we are living up to the same standard we expect from other agents. No matter where you are wanting or needing to buy real estate, let us help you. Don’t take a chance with an average agent. It could cost you money and waste your time. Like we always say, “It doesn’t cost any more to hire the best.” For help finding your next agent, you can reach out to us at

Written by Andy Peters

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