Deck Safety

According to the CPSC more than 30,000 people a year suffer injuries from the collapse or failure of decks. So, how do you maintain a deck and when do you know it is time to replace it? 


First and foremost when buying a home with a deck it is important that the inspector does a proper examination of the overall condition of the deck. 


Some of the things to look out for are: 


Cracked or Damaged Wood- A deck is exposed to the elements year round, from extreme heat, to snow. Some wear and tear is normal, however if you start to notice the wood splitting and cracks expanding over time it is important to have an inspector out to determine what areas may need replacing. Staining your deck once a year is crucial to extending the lifetime of the wood. 


Damage from Insects- Carpenter Bees, Carpenter Ants, and Termites see your wooden deck as a buffet if the wood is not treated properly. After time they can cause real damage and take a perfectly good structure and make it unsafe. Have an inspector look into the issue and recommend cost effective solutions. 


Loose Railings or Banisters- Making sure that all railings and banisters are high enough for code standards and structurally sound is crucial for safety. 


Rusty, Loose, or Corroded Fasteners – A deck is only as good as the components holding it together! Make sure that you check periodically for any fasteners that have come loose or are starting to rust or corrode. An easy fix that can prevent much larger problems down the road. 


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