Burger Week

A few weeks ago, we celebrated what my girlfriend refers to as her favorite Atlanta holiday.

If you’re thinking it’s Burger Week, you’re correct.

If you just read Burger Week and have no idea what it is, you are missing out.

Every year for one week over 40 restaurants throughout Atlanta offer a unique burger for $5 with the hopes of winning your vote and being deemed the winner of #AtlBurgerWeek. (You can see all of this year’s participating restaurants at www.AtlBurgerWeek.com.)

Why tell you about this incredible week a few weeks after it ended?

Simple… So you don’t miss it again next year. This year Burger Week was 4/23-4/29.  Set a reminder for next April to find the specific dates for 2019. Yes – we have this on our calendars already.

Here is how it works…

At the start of the week, get yourself the Burger Week Passport. This will list all the restaurants participating and when you dine at one of these restaurants you’ll receive a stamp indicating you ate there. At the end of the week, if you’ve collected at least five stamps, you can send in your passport to be entered to win prizes.

This week is not just about binging on cheap delicious burgers. This week can give you the opportunity to try new places throughout the many different cities that make up the metro Atlanta area. It gives you an opportunity to support some of the local restaurants that you might not even know existed because they are tucked away in really cool places that you would have never thought to go. We use it as an opportunity to get together with friends and try something new together.

Next year be sure to check out #AtlBurgerWeek.

Written by Ray Ciafardini

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