Internationally recognized companies like Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola, Delta, and nearly one dozen other Fortune 500 companies call Atlanta home, making the city well versed in what it takes to support large businesses. Even recent sensations like Spanx and Elf on the Shelf got their start in the metro area. But a new wave of industry is growing in the Peach State.

Influenced by the city’s world-renowned universities and tech schools, as well as funding from local investors, Atlanta is quickly becoming a high-demand destination for tech startups. As one of the nation’s largest tech hubs, Atlanta Tech Village houses dozens of entrepreneurs and teams hoping to make an impact on everything from personal productivity and community development to finance and data analytics. The site provides open-layout office space to the “villagers” and offers programming that includes mentorship, continuing education, and on-call support.

Other startups look outside of this structured environment for growth and are finding independent success, as well. Pindrop Security works with commercial call centers to detect and prevent fraudulent calls. MailChimp provides electronic marketing support in an easy-to-use format for businesses. Requiring a short application through their online or mobile platforms, Kabbage delivers a line of credit to business owners that they can use as working capital.

With new ideas developing every day, the list of locally headquartered technology innovators is never ending. Whether you are relocating to an established corporation or setting up a new company for yourself, the local experts at The Peters Company can support your transition to Atlanta by helping you find the perfect home.  In fact, Brennan Ballard on our team is the “appointed agent” for Google’s prestigious Silicon Valley Investors Club and is the go-to for all investors within the club who are looking to invest in the Atlanta real estate market.

  • Emily Boyle

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