Atlanta Botanical Gardens :: Something for Everyone, All Year Long


I went to Atlanta Botanical Garden last week and was reminded what a great place it is and not just for tourists.

There is an exhibit going on right now that is called “Imaginary Worlds – Once Upon a Time” that is fantastic to see. It is composed of giant living plant sculptures.  They used 200,000 plants and it took months to create these amazing pieces.

Currently, they also have a “Scarecrows in the Garden” exhibit.

The best annual event is the Garden Lights/Holiday Nights where they use millions of lights and you stroll through the paths to view the different holiday themed areas.

There are concerts and plays in the garden throughout the year as well.

We ate lunch outside at Longleaf restaurant which was delicious.  They also serve dinner.

If you haven’t been to Atlanta Botanical Garden, you should definitely go.  There is an admission fee and visitors pay for parking.  You can find out more about the exhibits by clicking HERE.

Written by Dore Brooks, Lead Buyer Specialist

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