Area Spotlight :: Tucker, GA

If you’re looking for small town charm with easy access to the city, Tucker is a great place to start your search. A walk down Main Street presents a variety of great places to eat, learn, experience, and worship. Nestled between Stone Mountain and Spaghetti Junction, Tucker’s location, with access to both the city and the suburbs, makes it a great spot for the Atlanta commuter. Intersected by the railroad, which helped build the town, Tucker has a homey, low key vibe. In Tucker, it’s highly likely that you’ll see someone that will know you on a first name basis.
While Tucker has old school style, it is also experiencing a cultural renaissance in the growth of new restaurants, breweries, and activities. Tucker’s general affordability and access compared to other similar communities make it an attraction for many different people. Below we are highlighting some of the new and old that make Tucker great.
* Mathews Cafeteria *- Classic southern style, “meat and three” cafeteria that people have been attending for generations. A Main St. staple since 1955, this place really is frozen in time. Featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and by numerous publications throughout the country, this place is an amazing go to for your southern food cravings. You can’t go wrong with their fried chicken.
Tucker Brewing Company * –  New in 2018, TBC is situated right off Hwy 78. It specializes in German-style beers and the brews rival any of Atlanta’s great breweries. It has an awesome outdoor space that is perfect on a nice fall or spring day. On any given day, you may have trivia, food trucks, and/or live music. A great spot that is worth a stop.
The Freakin Incan * – Another newcomer highlighting Tucker’s diverse cuisine is the Freakin Incan. Featuring Peruvian food, it would most closely come as a hybrid of Central American food meeting with Chinese food. While unique to most pallets, the food is delicious and the cocktails are wonderful to try as well. First timers should go with the Lomo Saltado, you’ll be glad you did.
Does Tucker sound like your kind of town?  We would love to help you on your Tucker home search – call The Peters Company today!
Written by Mike Pappas 

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