A Smooth Move

You found the perfect house, just closed (woo-hoo!) and now you get the pleasure of MOVING.  Being in the real estate industry, we are blessed to work through hundreds of transactions each year! It’s easy for us to navigate the behind the scenes of a transaction and forget what it’s like to be on the other side! Well, I was lucky enough to get to move my personal home last week and oh boy! I forgot just how hard moving was! Here are a few of my top tips so that you’ll hopefully have a smooth move! 


  1. Schedule your moving company WAY in advance – As soon as you know your moving date, get your favorite moving company scheduled! That’s some precious cargo and you don’t want to wait until the last minute and be forced to use some ‘no name’ company! At The Peters Company we recommend Atlanta Peach Movers


  1. Start packing NOW – You really should have started packing yesterday… I 100% guarantee that you have more stuff than you think! I like to really use a move as a good time to purge. By giving myself plenty of packing time, I can get rid of a ton of stuff and not pay good money to move it! Plus, when you take your time packing, you hopefully won’t end up with too many boxes filled with 1,000 random things that would never go together (I’m not the only one with boxes like that, right?)


  1. Schedule your cleaning company – Go ahead and get your trusted cleaning crew on the calendar for your new home before you move in and your current home after you move out! You want to make sure that your new home is in tip top shape before you live there. Don’t take any chances on missing out on your preferred company!


If you need any recommendations on our favorite vendors list or help finding that perfect home, give The Peters Company a call today! 678-921-1470.


Written by Katelyn Sheffield

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