A House Isn’t a Home… Without a Pet!

Peters Co. PetsCongratulations! You’ve bought a new Metro Atlanta home! So what’s next? How about filling it with the pitter patter of furry feet? Wouldn’t a pet be a great addition and truly turn your new house into a home? Here are some tips for bringing home a new cat or dog:

Choose the Right Breed– Sure, that Saint Bernard puppy may be fuzzy and cute right now, but he’s going to grow into a HUGE, slobbering dog very soon. If you live in a small house or condo, you may want to consider a small breed of dog. Animals need plenty of space to run and play so be sure that your house and yard can accommodate the size of dog you want. Also, if you don’t think that you’re up for the task of changing a litter box frequently, then an indoor cat may not be the best option for you. Even though cats require significantly less work than dogs, they still need lots of attention!

Pet Proof Your House– Be sure that any harmful chemicals and foods are out of the reach of your pet. They can’t distinguish whether something is safe to consume or not, and everything looks like a tasty treat to them! Cords and wires can be tempting too. Be sure that they are out of the way of tiny teeth as well. One other easily forgotten item that can be toxic to animals: plants. Be sure that your yard doesn’t contain any leafy greens that might make your new pet very sick!

Give Your Pet the Proper ID– Just in case Fido or Garfield sneak outside and wander off your property without your knowledge, be sure that whoever finds him can safely return him back home! Some great options include a collar with ID tags or even micro-chipping your pet.

Choose Appropriate Pet Toys and Treats– You don’t want your pet to become bored and wreak havoc on your new home so be sure to provide them with fun toys to keep them busy! Take into account your new pet’s age. Choose practical toys that will keep them entertained. Also, be sure to select toys that can’t be easily swallowed. Animals love to bite and chew so you don’t want to create a choking hazard!

Be Prepared for an Adjustment Period– Just like humans, animals need time to adjust to new surroundings. Help them do this by creating a cozy sleeping environment that’s calm and soothing. Be sure food and litter boxes are easily accessible to your pet as he navigates his way around his new home. Consistency is key for making a new pet feel at home.

Haven’t found the perfect pet to bring home yet? That’s okay! There are many wonderful adoption and rescue groups around the city. In fact, The Peters Company teamed up with Angels Among Us Pet Rescue this year for a fun fundraising event (Click Here)!  We’re all crazy about our “fur babies” and couldn’t imagine our lives without them. You’ll see that your new feline or canine companion will easily become the heart of your home too.

Written by Heather Thomas, The Peters Company Listing Coordinator

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