All across the world people are adjusting to working remotely in their homes and navigating virtual meeting platforms like Zoom and WebEx to participate in daily meetings with co-workers. So, what better time to get your home office space organized than this spring-cleaning season. Here are 5 easy ways to get your home office organized now.

  1. Declutter all unnecessary paper: Paper can accumulate quickly throughout your work week. Going through papers at the end of your “workday” can make this, sometimes daunting task, manageable and is an easy fix to keeping your workspace organized. By developing a system like “shred/toss,” “file “or “take action,” you’re able to quickly rid your desk of clutter and can set up tomorrows workday on the right productive foot.
  2. Color-Code your filing system: For me, the quickest anxiety trigger is when I need something and I’m not able to find it quickly. An easy fix is to color code your filing system, separating files according to your
    needs and labeling them with a specific color can make for a quick, easily identifiable, system to find what you need at any moment. Not only will this make all your important files clean and streamlined you’ll be able to quickly access things that you need daily.
  3. Create a Mail Station: This is another great way to manage the amount of paper in your workspace. When you receive mail take a moment to sort and trash what is not needed, then place the mail in a designated space. Make a folder for incoming, outgoing mail, mail to file, etc. This will ensure that you do not miss anything important and you are able to reference something quickly if ended in the future.
  4. Store in Containers: Much like the KonMari method ( for organizing spaces around your home this too can be done in your home workspace no matter how big or small. From drawer
    organizers to separate filing bins. Putting all of your daily supplies out of sight will not only make for a more decluttered workspace it will allow for you to categorize supplies and items more efficiently and
    make for a cleaner working area.
  5. Utilize Wall Space: This can be an area of missed opportunity when organizing your office space but can free up a lot of needed working space. By using hanging filing systems, calendars or whiteboards you are able to maximize your workspace and create an area that maximizes your daily production.

For some, working remotely can be more stressful than actually going into an office but by taking small steps to make a space that caters to your working style and provides a space for maximum daily production you can easily remove unnecessary stress from your workday. At The Peters Company, we strive to make the home buying or selling process as easy as possible with the least amount of stress and hassle to you. Call us today at 678.921.1470!

Written by Janei Reddick

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