For Sale by Owner

Many homeowners want to get as much money as they can out of their house when they sell it (who doesn’t?). However, some believe that homes will simply sell on their own in this market, “For Sale by Owner,” or “FSBO.” It can’t be hard, right? Yikes! Here are my top 3 reasons to avoid selling your home on your own! Trust us, you want a Peters Company agent in your corner.


1. Pricing
The number one thing that separates The Peters Company from any other agent or team is our extensive knowledge of the ever-changing market. At the time of publication (October 2019), we are selling homes in less than 21 days on market versus the metro Atlanta industry average of 36 days. That’s 15 fewer days you’ll need to make your beds, be sure kids have clean rooms, dogs are out of the house, dishes are done… you get the picture. But wait, there’s more! We have also been able to get our sellers 99% of original list price, which is nearly unheard of when the industry average is lower. Our goal is to get you the most money out of your home. To achieve this goal, we scour our local MLS, and use our experiences facilitating 250+ purchases and sales per year. (Time + Research). Many FSBOs tend to have a biased opinion about their home value. This emotional attachment to the home makes it hard to grasp what buyers are willing to pay vs what the home is worth to them with all the memories and effort put into it. We represent a third party, and are able to act objectively, rather than subjectively.


2. Marketing
FSBOs have the ability to list their home on different public real estate websites; but, most buyers will hire a real estate agent for their home search. 100% of agents use Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and only licensed real estate agents can access this site. At The Peters Company, we have both a Marketing Director and a Listing Manager that will help market your home on MANY different sites through syndication. This guarantees that your home gets the most exposure to just about every buyer out there that uses the internet.


3. Liability and Paperwork
Finding a buyer may be the easiest task of the home-selling process, in comparison to the amount of legal paperwork that has to be done. Each year, it seems that more and more paperwork is required to sell your home: from disclosures, to utility information, and even HOA documents. Unless you have a background in contracts or law, you will want to leave the paperwork to our specialist. Our transaction coordinator makes sure that all the proper paperwork is signed and every required box is checked and completed. This makes for a smooth process so that you, as the seller, feel comfortable and safe in your representation.


Save yourself some time and let Georgia’s top Real Estate Group handle getting your home sold. Give us a call at 678-921-1470.


Written by Amber Vaughan

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